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csa faqs

Can I sign up for the CSA Veggie Box but pay less than the recommended amount?

Absolutely! You are welcome to pay a smaller amount ahead of time to sign up for your Veggie Box, and add more money to your account month-to-month, or in several installments. We do request that if you sign up for a Veggie Box, you kindly commit to buying from us for the season so we can grow the right amount of food for our customers. If you don’t want the commitment of a Veggie Box, you can also purchase from us week-to-week by ordering from our online store for Monday & Thursday pickups/deliveries, through Urban Greens Co-op, or Farm Fresh RI’s Market Mobile.

How do I pay with SNAP/EBT?
We are super excited to accept SNAP payments! With SNAP, we can’t take payment in advance, so email us at to reserve your Veggie Box. Place an order and put “SNAP” in the notes. We are happy to deliver the Veggie Box to wherever you are in the Providence area so we can meet you to accept your SNAP payment.

What happens if you sell out of something I want?

Since our CSA allows you to choose your box, and we’re growing a lot more than we think just CSA members will buy, but it’s possible someone will order all the fennel heads one week! Contact us if we’re out of something you want – we might be able to dig up a little more produce 😊 (pun intended)

What happens if I don’t spend all my CSA money?

Since our CSA price is dependent on what you buy week-to-week, our prices are estimates. Based on the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables per day, we recommend purchasing

What if I forgot to pick up my veggie box?

If you selected pickup, you’re responsible for picking up your veggie box during the time window. If you can’t make it, have a friend pick it up, or call us and we’ll donate your box. We do offer delivery free with a minimum purchase.

Can I just order online and not do a CSA?

Of course! The CSA model doesn’t work for everyone. For those who do like it, It helps us at the beginning of the season, when we’re buying seeds, tools, packaging etc. for the year.

How does the money work after I sign up for the CSA?

Our CSA works as a declining balance CSA. You choose the box you want, and we’ll deduct your balance week-to-week, and notify you if your balance is low. You can also pay by credit online in our online store.

Why do you charge a fee if I pay with credit card?

We love credit cards, but they charge us somewhere around a 2.5% fee – that adds up if multiple members are paying by card! If you’d like to pay by card, let us know and we will send you an email invoice to pay online, including a credit card fee.

Will you ever grow storage crops?

Maybe! Though we don’t grow storage crops like potatoes, storage onions, and winter squash right now, it means we have the time and energy to focus on growing you fresh greens throughout the winter. But we’re open to investing in cold storage for winter roots. In the meantime, there are many great and organic farms in RI which have storage crops throughout the winter! Contact me for recommendations 😊

Have a different question? Email Rebecca at!

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