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About us


Rebecca Roberts


Farmer / Founder

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Rebecca Roberts, owner and steward of Endless Farm. I'm delighted to bring you fresh, Certified Organic, and Real Organic certified veggies, herbs, and edible flowers while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Eight years ago I volunteered on my first farm, where I picked wild strawberries and currants in the Swedish countryside. I love being outside and learning about how things work in nature, so I went to Iowa State University to do a master's degree in Soil Science and Sustainable Agriculture. In my studies, I learned about no-till farming: when you leave the soil undisturbed, a complex soil structure forms and traps nutrients, builds up organic matter, feeds the soil microcosm, and even extracts more carbon dioxide from the air than tilled soil! A healthy soil ecosystem, plus cultivating diverse habitat for our bug and bird neighbors and growing without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, produces delicious, nutritious produce with a long shelf life.

I created Endless Farm because I love feeling connected to the land around me through food. From lemon balm tea to fennel salads, I love to make food with produce that was grown near me in nutritious soil, chock-full of nutrients and probiotics.


Produce is grown with certified organic and real organic certified methods, using hand tools that build the soil and leave a light footprint.

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Endless Farm lies on the edge of the forest on historic farmland, which has been in production since the 1700s. Snake Den Farm is managed by the Northern RI Conservation District and owned by the State of Rhode Island, leased to farmers in effort to preserve land for local food and flower production.

Other producers at Snake Den Farm include Wicked TulipsFoggy Notion Farm, Basil Farm, Bami Farm, Cucumber Hill Farm, and Professor Chef Honey Company.

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