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Is our csa right for you?

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs are a wonderful way for a neighbor to eat fresh, local food from a farmer they trust, and for the farmer to better predict how much to grow. But every CSA is a little different, and they aren't for everyone, and that's ok! We do online ordering for delivery or on-farm pickup, so you can still purchase our veggies if a CSA doesn’t feel like a good fit for you. Here are some guiding questions to ask yourself before you commit:

In our experience, the most successful new CSA members had a good idea of what they were committing to. If you answered Yes, take a look at our CSA share options and sign up!



If it just doesn’t sound right for you, that’s ok! You can still order from us online, through Market Mobile, or find our produce at Urban Greens Co-op Market and RI restaurants.

question 1

is having a relationship with a farm/farmer important to you?

CSA members have a direct connection to their farmer. In our CSA, members receive a weekly email with the latest news from the farm, or a fun history of how cilantro became integral to Mexican cuisine. Emails also have list of veggies you can choose from, plus a recipe or two that uses the week’s items.


In addition, we have monthly community events during the season, where you can come hike with us at Snake Den State Park, spend time among the plants, and ask us gardening questions or cooking tips for harder to use ingredients.


We love having a CSA because we get to know the people we are growing food for, and CSA fans appreciate that they can take the guesswork out of buying in-season and knowing where their food comes from.


  • Yes, I do want a relationship with the people who grow my food

  • No, I don’t mind who grows my food, or I prefer the anonymity of the grocery store


question 2

do you value high quality ingredients that taste good and last long?

We’re all about fresh, nutritious vegetables that are harvested within 24 hours of delivery. Lettuce at the grocery store is often 3-10 days old by the time it hits the shelf – that’s pretty fast for getting lettuce from California to Rhode Island, but our greens last noticeably longer in your fridge.


We also choose varieties that were bred to be delicious and beautiful rather than great at transporting. You can’t get sunrise bumblebee tomatoes at the grocery store!


  • Yes, I want to make meals from fresh ingredients and varieties

  • No, I don’t care about taste too much, or I value price over taste

question 3

do you have time to cook and place a weekly order?

Unless you choose a traditional CSA-style veggie box where we choose your box for you, you will need to place an order each week – on Saturday-Sunday by 9 pm for a Monday pick-up/delivery, or on Tuesday-Wednesday by 9 pm for a Thursday pick-up/delivery.


We find that most families that cook at home at least 3 nights per week are able to finish their veggies by the following week. Many of our veggies are things that can be eaten raw or with minimal prep, so not every ingredient needs to be prepped and cooked.


We find that the number one reason that people try a CSA and don’t try another is that they don’t use up all the food by the next box, and end up throwing some of the food away- that doesn’t feel good for anyone! We’ll have tips for using up veggies at the end of the week, plus recipes to help you along the way.


  • Yes, I have time or would like to make time to cook at least 3 nights per week. ​

  • No, that doesn’t sound doable.


question 4

are you looking for a "deal" on your weekly veggies?

People who enjoy their CSA experience don’t go into it looking for lots of vegetables at a reduced price. We are not the type of CSA that will load you up with $1 bushels of cucumbers in the heat of the summer (though you can contact us for wholesale pricing if you’re looking for big quantities). Instead, we plan our season based on the number of CSA members that we have, and we try not to grow or waste excess food. Therefore, our CSA shares are priced at (about) the value that it takes for us to grow the produce.


In return for investing in our farm, we give you 10-15% more veggies when we have a bumper crop, plus each CSA member gets countless recipes, the freshest produce from our fields, monthly events to visit our farm with your family, and exclusive access to off-season (winter/spring) produce. Our CSA members value the fact that we are working to make a living, and most would not ask us to give them extra produce that they didn’t feel they bought and paid for. The relationship between CSA member and farmer is truly special in this way! That said, we accept SNAP/EBT payments and payment plans.


  • Yes, I don’t mind paying retail prices for awesome vegetables​

  • No, I’m on a grocery budget


question 5

are you willing to eat seasonally to be in the csa?

We do our best to lean towards items that are more popular, but we grow with the seasons (for example, we won’t have zucchini available in November, and we can’t grow lemons!). Our CSA is a little different in that you get to choose your box every week, so you’ll never get a box with things you don’t like!

It can be an adjustment to make your produce buying decisions based on what is season. We focus on veggies that are quick and easy to prepare – things that can be tossed into salads, melted into soups, and sizzled into stir fries. Though we don’t grow storage crops like potatoes, storage onions, and winter squash, it means we have the time and energy to focus on growing you fresh greens throughout the winter. Check out our harvest schedule to see what we’ll have throughout the year!


In our experience most new CSA members are hesitant at first, but after a month or so are having a blast, cooking new meals for friends and family and meeting other CSA members, even growing their own herbs at home.


  • Yes, I am willing to eat what you have seasonally.

  • No, I value eating the same dishes year-round, or I’m not that adventurous

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